almost there

T minus 3 days until launch.

Most everything seems to be good to go and in order. Just the last minute assemblage of putting our material life into our summer home on wheels remains.

Falling asleep last night, my thoughts were on the timeline of how the rest of the year should ideally play out.

Only three and a half months of guiding in New Mexico. A seemingly short amount of time compared to the five to six months I am used to from the two seasons of working in Skagway, AK. Then again, three months is a solid little chunk of time! A quarter of a year. By the end of it, the time will seem to have flown by, I am sure.

What I am more nervous about is the after summer plans. I have more feelings toward that part of my plan because I want it to work so badly. Vagabonding around is easy. Finding temporary jobs that do or do not mean much. Sleeping wherever, on friends couches, parked in a campground, sharing a room with other ladies. Hanging out with whatever people and friends you happen to run into along the way…

Putting roots down though, that is where the nerves get fidgety. Finding a nice home to live in, a steady and enjoyable job with decent pay and room to grow, a supportive community, there is more risk. There is more risk because it is a long term goal, and long term goals require commitment and focus, and you are investing your self more deeply. So if your long term plan does not work out, does that mean you have just wasted all that time and energy put in to it?

On the other hand, hard work and commitment are where the deepest growth and self discovery come from. And if a mind is set to follow your intuition and heart along the journey, than going down a committed path is a tad less scary. With an ear set listening to how you really fell,  altercations can be made along the way to fit your path to true happiness and security.

And the scariest things are the most exciting right?

Happy Easter. Cheers to the birth and re-birth of new cycles.


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