5 Games to Play Anywhere

Sitting on a long car ride, walking some miles on a trail,  or hanging around camp for the evening, these games are great.


Me, Jamie and Zarske playing before snow pack assessment lessons. 2013. 

All the greatest outdoor leaders I have met in my life always have a game or two up their sleeve to keep the time spent on trips engaging and fun. If you are an aspiring outdoor leader, or already are one and need some extra shizam to bring to your trips, I highly recommend introducing some fun games.

I have listed a  few of my favorites here, though there are so many more out there to find. You can even start making up your own games if that is your thing.

An easy way to remember these games and always have an activity to fall back on is to write them down in your guide notebook. Instead of having to think really hard of what to do next when you’re exhausted at the end of the day, you can just choose from a list you’ve already prepared. Easy peezy.

So here are a few game ideas to get your started:

1. The Naming of Things

One of my favorites! Also, a great warm up for any other games, especially of the improv variety.

Have everyone mill around the room (if you have a room or space to mill around in. If not no biggie, you can still play sitting down in a car.)

Everyone points at something and calls it something it is not.
For example: points at tree and calls out “Potato!”
Points at a person and shouts out “Shoe!”

Do this for a few minutes or until you start to see people’s interest fade away.

It’s harder than you might think.

2. Finish The Phrase

This one needs a leader, someone to call out the beginning of a phrase. People chime in to finish it. You can use the beginnings of famous quotes, song lyrics, or just make it up as you go!

You can choose, or let it be free flowing, that the responses have to finish the quote as it was originally stated or create their own ending.  *I’m a personal fan of the improv ending because it lends way for more silliness and increased laughter.

A few good ones to get you going:
“Any place worth going….”
“I go to nature to be….”
“One time my grandma found….”

3. The Question Game 

Best if done in pairs.

One person starts with a question.
The challenger replies with a question.
The goal: try to keep a somewhat coherent conversation in only questions.
First person to make a statement loses.
Next person up plays winner, or start the round over.

If you are hanging out in camp and make it a group showdown! Two people at a time in front of the audience, they question battle, the next person in line gets to play the winner, and so on.

4. Party Quirks 

A party host invites three quests, not knowing who they are. They enter one at a time, making their quirks demonstrably known (they cannot specifically say what their quirk is.)

Identities, or ‘quirks’, are decided beforehand while the host is away . For example: Man made out of bed springs, person afraid of anything blue, a gogo dancer who loves getting down to opera music.

Party guests should be interacting with each other and the host to give clues.

As the party host guesses each character correctly, the character can then sit down.

5. A Day in the Life of

Best done with a group.

Someone writes out a memorable day in their life. Gives it to someone else, or a few people depending.

The person or group acts out what is written on the  paper in interpretive modern dance.

The audience tries to guess parts of the story out loud.


**If you like these games and want more of these kinds of posts, let me know!




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