just another…

If I were to be considered “just another little hippie trying to save the planet…” that would be okay with me.

*Although, for the record, if you are going to consider me a ‘hippie’,  I usually smell pretty nice. Better than  the scent of ravenous B.O. mixed with obscene amounts of pachouli oil and ganja smoke at least.


This is my planet saving face.    photo by Lauren Zarske


the eyes of a dreamer                                           photo by Julie Stewart

If everyone were considered to be just another cog in the world cleanup machine…well then following the pack would definitely be the cool thing to do. Being a rebel would be super lame. Not brave, not trendy, not a rebellion in the right direction.

Why is that all okay with me?

Because the implications of what I am saying would be huge.

It would mean there was a global wide (or at least nation wide, state, county or city wide) effort in motion. Mass focus on important topics such as disposing of waste properly, cleaning and managing our watersheds, moving towards mindful sustainability with agriculture and meat production/consumption.

I recently read that the 3 R’s of conservation are now being revised to the 5 R’s. Refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle.

The italicized R’s are new to me.

Refuse- Say no to things that you don’t need. Things you never even asked for. If there is less demand for cheap plastic toys, for instance, there will eventually be less production and eventually less waste. All the different faucets of energy used to make a stupid cheap toy can now be redirected towards an effort that is healthier for the environment and it’s people.

Reduce- Just use less. See how little you can get away with using.

Reuse- Replace single use items with reusable ones. Travel coffee mugs instead if getting a new paper one every time you go to the coffee shop. Carry your own utensils set with you.

Repurpose- Get creative! Or you might have heard of things like Google, Pinterest, DIY magazines…. you can just copy projects if you want to.

Recycle- The basics of course – paper, cans, plastic, metal…. Remember that you can recycle electronics too! Even fabrics can be recycled.

Keep it clean. Keep it wild.

Enjoy some of my favorite pics of exploring the little-big corner of Earth I live on.



  1. http://thegreeningofwestford.com/2014/04/5-rs-refuse-reduce-reuse-repurpose-recycle.html

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