Perks of an Office Life

Over the last four years I have been involved with the business of recreation and different outdoor professions. These different jobs have led me to the beautiful backcountry of the Redwoods and, for the last two years, exploring south-east and south central Alaska.

A great deal of technical skills were gained (climbing on rock and ice, back country travel in almost-always-rainy-or-snowy weather, using power tools to build wooden structures, what to do about moose on the trail, driving big buses…) along with refining social skills (dealing with being asked the same obvious-answer questions five times a day every day for five months straight while still seeming polite enough, how to talk someone over the edge of a repel cliff, overseeing large groups of elementary school children who want to lick the frozen playground metal…). I haven’t just gained skills though. There are many super solid friendships and lasting memories that have come along with them.

However, I also was constantly wet and cold, stressed out because I was responsible for taking care of people’s lives and well-being, and tired of working two jobs six to seven days a week with constantly changing hours.

Coming back home to coastal southern California I was recently offered a job as a front desk receptionist. I have been thinking about trying out an office job for a few months now, so I accepted.

Turns out, the office life is pretty good. I work with great people, the dress code is casual and the drive there is twenty minutes through back farm roads.

Here’s a few others things of comfort that office life has to offer:

  • A set schedule! No more waiting until the night before to know what your hours are the next day.
  • Temperature control: I can stay clean, dry and comfortable all day.
  • Snacks and coffee: Who doesn’t love being fed?
  • No tourists, large groups of hyped up children, or carrying super heavy things up and down hills.

For all the trash talking done about office life in the outdoor community of people, it’s not so bad. (Plus I add in fun things like writing a daily “Joke of the Day” on the front whiteboard.)

So long as you make the time to get outside and have some adventure fun, it’s still a good life.


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