Out in the Raw

Shasta-Trinity National Forest 2013

Shasta-Trinity National Forest 2013



Out in the Raw

there are no neatly placed neon colored tapes

marking what path to take

Out in the raw

no one is there to check

a plastic card to verify your identity

Out in the raw

white walls do not box you into

a shelter of “safety”


Because out there

paths continue through rocks and trees, in open air, on dusty dirt

marked only by the steps of your feet

Because out there

your true character shines out

from the choices you make and actions you take

Because out there

the skies are your roof and the earth your foundation

giving safe refuge from those white walls


Riding the wave

Chasing the NaHi

Catching the stoke

You’ve felt it before

That’s why you’re here


Injected into veins

Changing chemicals brains

Hooked             cooked                   shook


We’re here because we want to feel it again

Addicted to that high

drugs and alcohol

couldn’t even touch

with their arms wrapped

around the world


Gottta get that fix

                                                   Of being

                                                                                                                    Out in the raw


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