Weathered Ceiling

elc3 9 The ceiling of my home is covered in weather- sun rays and raindrops fall through holes in the clouds, splattering on floors covered in sand, grass, rock and dirt. My bed is simple, on the ground, and is made wherever I make it.

Sometimes I am the only human around for miles, as I carry my house and supplies on my back through the green wilderness of the Trinity Alps. Sometimes I am surrounded by like-minded adventure seekers as we climb sandstone rocks in the Santa Monica Mountains- rigging slacklines over water, across canyons, or long through open park spaces. Sometimes the crashing ocean sings to me her lullabies as my board and I dance with her rolling waves.

Exploring spaces, discovering life and sharing moments paints my life in rich textures of sight, sound, feelings, thoughts and touch. No ropes could have ever saved my hearts fall into this love with life.


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